Alone In Berlin: Hans Fallada

Reviewed December 2021

“The greatest book ever written about the German resistance to the Nazis”

Berlin, 1940. The city is paralysed by fear. But one man refuses to be scared.

Otto, an ordinary German living in a shabby appartment block, tries to stay out of trouble under Nazi rule. But when he discovers his only son has been killed fighting at the front he is shocked into an extraordinary act of resistance and starts to drop anonymous post cards attacking Hitler across the city. If caught, he will be executed.

Soon this slient campaigner comes to the attention of amitious Gestapo inspector Escherich, and a murdurous game of cat-and-mouse begins. Whoever loses, pays with their life. (Penguin Modern Classics)

“Fallada’s great novel, beautifully translated by Michael Hofmann, is a story of resistance, sly humour and hope.” (The Times)

(c588 pages) (2020) (Paperback)(Hardback)(Kindle) (Audiobook)

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First published in German in 1947 this book is based on the Nazi records of real individuals and was an attempt to ensure thier lives and actions were remembered. The latter part of the book provides the background the the actual events and most importantly copies of the actual records that breathed life into these novels.

Hans Fallada Prize

The Hans Fallada Prize of the city of Neumünster is a literary prize which has been awarded every two years since 1981. The aim is to honor young authors from the German-speaking countries who explore problems of the present politico- social situation.

The award is endowed with 10,000 euros; in procurement of two winners, the endowment is halved.

Hans Falladas own life story is deeply entwined with his own writing and is well worth exploring. The Guardian artical below provides an interesting read…

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