How the Other Half Dies: Paul Wright

Reviewed May 2021

“So this is how the other half lives. You could get used to this, couldn’t you?”

“So, Summer’s old friend, Alice, invites her to join a group of wealthy friends aboard a yacht sailing from Monte Carlo to Antigua, its a chance to experience the life of the truly rich.

Convivial company, luxury accommodation and constant pampering – this is the stuff of dreams.

Until one of the guests is found dead in the water with a noose around his neck…

Not everyone is convinced that the victim committed suicide and Summer, a journalist is urged to investigate.As she grows closer to each of her fellow passengers, she discovers secrets – secrets that might motivate them to kill…”

A Summer Bailey Murder Mystery

(c184 pages) (2021) (Paperback) (Kindle)

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Having run a number of book clubs, I wanted to write the sort of books that members always love – escapist page turners and feel-good contemporary fiction. I use my experiences spent travelling to enrich my stories and to give my work authentic insight into a different life. 

I’ve now made Bristol my home. Here I continue to run a book club, while trying to avoid being too distracted by my favourite authors as I work on my next novel.

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What would Jesus Do?

(A Summer Bailey Murder Mystery)

Available to preorder … Jan 2022

When Daisy invites Summer Bailey to her 18th birthday party at a luxury resort in the sun, it sounds like a perfect mix of relaxing holiday and reconnecting with an old friend. What she hadn’t expected was a murder, especially one that left a baffling message – ‘What would Jesus do?’  

As Summer digs into the victim though, she begins to suspect she might be looking for a killer with morals! 

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