Summer Book Tove Jansson

Reviewed March 21

On a tiny Island in the gulf of Finland, a six year old child and her grandmother, an artist, share the summer months together.

As time passes the two learn to understand each other. To adjust to each other’s fears, whims and yearnings for independence. Through this a deep love emerges, one that embraces the inhabitants as well as the island itself with its mossy rocks, windswept firs and unpredictable seas.

As with all her books a love of her native surroundings is interwoven in this tale and it captures much of her own experiences and spirit an remains a favourite of her own amongst her stories for adults.

(c160 pages) (2003) (Paperback) (Kindle)

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My memories of reading books by Tove Jansson were the captivating Moomin tales when I was a child. These stories continue to be sold and I have loved seeing both adults and children continuing to read these today. These delightful stories have apparently been translated into over fifty languages over the years. She was not only the author of these stories but also the artist who created the wonderful images that bring them to life. Beyond these tales of the little Moomins she is also the author of many short stories and novels written for both children and adults.

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Available in paperback, hardback or digitally for devices such as a Kindle or the Kindle App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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