How do you arrange your books? 

“This man avoided putting books on the same shelf two books whose authors didn’t get on, even after their deaths“
“…for having criticised Cicero, Erasmus was sentenced by a Verona judge to pay one hundred crowns to the poor … Shakespeare and Marlowe both accused the other of plagiarism; Louis-Ferdinand Céline called Satre ‘a little shit- crammed piece of filth’; Jules Vallès considered Baudelaire a blusterer. As for Flaubert, he was a master of damming with faint praise: ’What a man Balzac would have been, had he known how to write?’ (The Girl who Reads on the Metro: Christine Féret-Fleury)

Mine simply have to live together peacefully or with resignation, assigned simply in alphabetical order. Others are more creative and place them by the order they read them in, size, genre, simply their colour or other more abstract themes. Click below for more ideas.
12 Clever Ways to Organise your book collection

Releasing Books into the WIld

(Book Crossing)

‘Have you heard of the principal of releasing books into the wild? … An American, Ron Hornbaker, created, or rather developed, the concept of BookCrossing in 2001. Turn the whole world into a library… You leave a book in a public place – a station, park bench, cinema – someone picks it up, reads it, then releases it elsewhere a few days or even weeks later. The BookCrossing website registers each book, each is given an ID which must be included on a label on the cover with the website URL. Anyone picking up a book can register the date and place where they found it, add an opinion or a review…’

The Girl Who Reads on the Metro: Christine Féret-Fleury